I FAILED Part 3 NBCE chiropractic boards and it sucked. I wasn't able to write my Part 4 clinical exams becuase my Part 3 were not passed. So I couldn't get my license for 1 and a half years later. I wish Chiroprep study questions were around when I needed it. I wasted almost 2 years when I could have been making money!!!

Janette F.
Texas Student

REMEMBER!!! If you FAIL one section of Part 1 or 2 NBCE boards. You CANNOT sit for the next section. You will miss almost 1 year in practice earning $$$ as a doctor. Chiroprep has NBCE questions explanations. There is no need to miss any questions now that Chiroprep is online.

Chris R.
Florida Student

Chiropractic Part 4 and SPEC board review questions and answers online! I had to relocate to Texas but could not attend the Irene Gold Review due to my work schedule. ChiroPrep loaded on my iPhone and studied at home and at work. Passed, moved, began practicing immediately thanks to this pool of chiropractic board study guide. No gaps! 

Xin W.


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