About Chiroprep and NBCE Board Questions

Chiroprep multiple choice questions are based on the NBCE published standards and guidelines. Use these questions to test yourself on all subjects within Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Case Study/Radiology and SPEC as a measure of what subjects you may need to focus.

Failing 1 part will put you back 1.5 years from opening your chiropractic office due to the Part 4 NBCE being staggered. Potentially losing over $500,000+ of income in your LAST year of practice.Each student should try for 90% on these exams. Less may increase your chances of retaking the same part in 6 months.


General FAQ

How do the Chiroprep tests work?

Each test is induvidually priced. After you pay for each test, you will be able answer all the questions for each test. After you finish each test you will see your raw score. ("You scored 5 out of 10 correct") and you will now be able to review the each question and review the correct explanations for each test for 30 days.


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Part 3 categories: Cu+, Ag+ and Au+.

Questions are based on NBCE study guidleines.

Part 3 Cu+ (Bronze)  1 correct answer of 4 possible options.

Part 3 Ag+ (Silver) CASE STUDY with IMAGES with 1 correct answer of 4 possible options.

Part 3 Au+ (Gold) MULTIPLE ANSWER Case Study and Radiology with 3 correct  answers of 10 possible options.


Part 4 Test questions: Pt+

Part 4 Pt+ (Platinum)  MULTIPLE ANSWER Case Study and Radiology with 3 correct  answers of 10 possible options. 

Questions are Case Study or Radiology questions based on NBCE study guidleines.


How long can I view the explanations?

30 days upon payment. You can retake the test in "Test Mode" or "Review Mode"


How do the Chiroprep explanations work?

You see the answer you selected in bold and the correct answer will be marked on the by a green checkmark. 

Computer: use your mouse to HOVER over the questions, answers or distractors and the POP-UP explanation bubble appears.

Mobile: ipad, iphone, android or tablet, simply TOUCH the questions, answers or distractors and the POP-UP explantion bubble appears.


Can I save a test for later?

While browsing our catalog of exams, you have the option to save a test for later if you don’t have time to immediately answer the questions and review the exam. From the catalog view, simply click the Save star icon and your tests will be saved for later under the Saved Tests panel.


How can I review the answers again?

Most students learn best by continued repetition to assist in memorization. If you click on ‘My Tests’ you’ll see your most recent score for each exam you have taken. If you would like to take the test again or review the answers again, you will have access for 30 days upon payment.


Why do you require my email address for registration?

Since Chiroprep is in Beta, it is vitally necessary for us to understand our market and how valuable this application will be for students going forward. We do not want to market unsolicited material to you and don’t plan on sending email announcements at this point in time. If we do send out emails in the future, we will give you the option to opt-out if preferred. We also do not sell your information for any reason. Thanks for supporting this endeavor!


What are System Requirements?

For best results, we recommend the following platforms, browsers and mobile devices:

Windows 7 / 8
Mac 10.7 or higher
Internet Explorer 9 / 10
Firefox (latest)
Chrome (latest)
Opera (latest)
iOS (latest)
Android (latest)


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What are your Terms and Conditions?

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