Blog Post 03/17/2015

Browser Update. Do NOT use Safari browser. Use Chrome or Firefox instead.

Blog Post 02/14/2015

Please disable all pop-up blockers on your web browsers before trying to use the chirorpep website and paypal.

Blog Post 09/10/2014

Status Update

Cosmetic code has been removed. Web functions are fully functional. NBCE Boards 3 days away. Good luck

Blog Post 09/07/2014

User Interface Issue

Some users have seen HTML coding on the signin pop-up window. The coding did not hinder signing up for Chiroprep. The code was cosmetic and did not affect tests nor explanations. Coding has been removed.

Blog Post 08/12/2014

NBCE Part 1, 2, and 3 Boards in 30 days away.

Our NEW format allows you to pay for a test and take it as many times as you require for 30 days in study mode (with explanation pop-ups or test mode with only questions.

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