Blog Post 07/09/2014

Chiroprep V2 Lauching Soon.

All new Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 practice questions tests will be uploaded by July 30th, 2014. Chiroprep will now allow you unlimited access to the tests questions for 30 days after you purchase each test. We listened to your feedback and have redesigned our community site for easier access and usage. Please keep the suggestions coming.

Blog Post 09/15/2013

Thank you doctors.

Thank you all for participating in the lauch of Chiroprep. We appreciate your feedback and encouragment. Please share our site with your friends and like us on facebook.

Blog Post 04/15/2014

Surveys completed.

We would like to thank all those who participarted in the online survey in April 2014. We are very happy and will take your suggestions into the redesign. We will be working to streamline the questions and answers so that you can study without having to pay each time to access the explanations. Please share our site with your colleagues.

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